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Heather L. Dermyer, Ph.D.

I am a Clinical Health Psychologist specializing in Psychophysiology and Mind-Body Medicine. My mantra is “Faith, Fortitude, and Grace.” Faith in the ability to overcome adversity, Fortitude to keep moving forward, and Grace in the ongoing cultivation of strength in character. I believe that it takes conscious effort to self-improve and that the capacity for growth is infinite.

Healing isn’t easy. Rather, it takes mindfulness, determination, humility, and resolve to transform. Most are led to believe at a very young age that hard work is the foundation for success. There is truth to that notion, but what happens when tragedy, illness, or injury strikes, and individuals are left feeling overwhelmed and powerless to make change? What happens when individuals play by the rules and still feel stuck? Where does one turn when faced with injustice?

Focus and resilience can be nurtured and cultivated, which is the foundation of the strength-based therapy that I provide. I have experience working with collegiate sports teams, Olympic athletes, and pro teams, ranging from X-Games competitors to the Green Bay Packers. I promote the refinement of talent and the development of individuals who aim to maximize performance. I have worked in hospitals, medical clinics, and addiction treatment facilities. A registered animal-assisted therapy dog (a disabled, hypoallergenic Shih-Tzu) is incorporated in the therapeutic process, offering warmth and support to those who work with me.

Neurofeedback training with Zengar NeurOptimal neurofeedback is utilized in my sessions. Neurofeedback is technology that works with brain wave activity, helping the brain to reach its full potential. Communicating with the central nervous system, brain training with NeurOptimal can help improve cognitive and physical performance, enhance focus, and deepen sleep.  Neurofeedback is like holding up a mirror up to the brain, allowing it to see how it is functioning, and enabling it to adjust, to self-correct. It is passive and does not require work on the part of the individual. Neurofeedback is safe and is used in conjunction with traditional talk therapy.

Biofeedback is also an option. Biofeedback works with an individual’s physiology. It can be helpful in reducing autonomic nervous system activation and reversing the “fight or flight” response. Biofeedback takes conscious work on the part of the individual to help facilitate relaxation, emotion regulation, and to achieve better harmony within the systems of the body.

Therapeutic emphasis will be placed on using natural resources from within to cope with trauma and adversity. Attention will be devoted to perseverance, growth, and resilience, to transform and thrive. I look forward to working with you!





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Counseling In the Pines

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