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Jennifer Bazner, LPC

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We are the masters of our own destiny, and happiness is a choice. Life stressors and struggling with a mental illness can make us lose sight of our inner power. I use innovative therapies to help you reach your full potential. I offer individual and couple’s counseling, group therapy, and Neurofeedback. I currently provide therapy groups for smoking cessation, physical wellness, and working through grief. Finding and claiming your inner power is an empowering journey, and it is an honor to walk along side you.
Neurofeedback has been shown to effectively improve symptoms related to anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, sleep issues and more by exercising and strengthening your brain. Group therapy designed to support you in healthy lifestyle transitions gives you the tools and support necessary to achieve your goals.
I have found these modalities work in tandem with each other to result in the best possible outcomes for my clients.

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Counseling In the Pines

Counseling In the Pines

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